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The Well Armed Woman is a national organization with the simple mission of getting women across the nation EDUCATED, EQUIPPED and EMPOWERED in the world of firearms. Early in 2013 local chapters of this group began forming in states nationwide. Since women are the fastest growing demographic of American gun owners, it should be no surprise that mission has spread like wildfire, and in just a few short months we have 70 chapters and over 2000 members.

Over the years there has been a gender gap in the firearms industry. Not only were guns and gun stores designed with men in mind, firearms training and accessories were also notoriously male-driven. Just recently there has been a serious shift in the mindset of the industry, as more and more women are crossing that perceived barrier. As we became more involved with firearms, there was an increase in demand for a more female-centered market.

Each chapter of The Well Armed Woman is lead by a volunteer chapter leader. We each bring to the table our own background, passion and perspectives, and together we are leading the way for women everywhere to step out of the stereotype and step up to the firing line. I’m not sure any of us expected the response we were going to get when we started our chapters. There was obviously a need for this organization! To date the North Dayton OH chapter is 88 members strong and quickly growing. Our members come from all experience levels from beginner to instructor, range in age from 21 to 79 years young, and though they each have their own reasons for getting involved and learning to shoot, they all have one thing in common – they want to learn and grow in a women-friendly environment.

At TWAW we promise to provide and maintain that safe unintimidating environment, so our members can get the training they want without the pressure that often comes with learning a new skill. That includes partnering with a business that will host our events and foster our growth while keeping that same mission statement in mind. The North Dayton chapter is fortunate to have teamed up with the crew at Fox Shooting Loft. From the moment I approached them about hosting our group, we couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome. At every step they have made it clear their facility is our home and their team is ready to support us.

Our chapter meets at Fox Shooting Loft the fourth Saturday of each month. Membership is required ($50/yr) but guests may attend a couple of meetings before deciding to join. Topics discussed at the meetings range from basic training topics to women-centered products in the market to protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Following most meetings we spend a little time on the range, learning and practicing what we’ve covered in class. Except for rare occasions with special guest instructors, range time is run by female instructors and RSO’s. In addition to the regular shooting events, members receive various discounts both locally and nationally, invitations to advanced training seminars, and family oriented shooting and non-shooting events.

For more information on training courses offered or on joining The Well Armed Woman North Dayton chapter (or to find a chapter near you!) you can contact Angie by email, or find us on Facebook!

Angie, chapter leader TWAW – North Dayton OH   and