Special Order Firearms Policy

All Special Order Firearms must be paid in full unless otherwise approved by Management.

No Special Order Firearm can be put in layaway unless approved by Management at time of order.

Full refunds will only be granted if the Firearm has been damaged during shipping and another is not available for replacement.

A 30% restocking fee will be charged if the Special Order Firearm is not what was anticipated or wanted once it arrives.

No Refund will be given on any Special Order Firearm or Layaway if the purchaser receives a “Deny” from the ATF NICS system.

ALL firearms and NFA sales are subject to 50% restocking fee due to distributor fees, transfer fees and shipping costs.

Course Cancellation Policy

All classes may be rescheduled or refunded up to 48 hours in advance. Within that 48 hours, all classes can be rescheduled for a $25 fee or you will lose the class. If you need to cancel  or reschedule for any reason please call and ask to speak to the Shift Lead on duty.

Transfer Policy

OUTGOING– Gun transfers shipped to another Federal Firearms License (FFL) Fox Shooting Loft will ship / transfer firearms to valid FFL’s only  (not to individuals)
INCOMING – Gun transfers received by Fox Shooting Loft: All incoming transfers require prior approval via email conformation.  You may pick up your firearm(s) 24 hours after we have received it due to processing.


Incoming Transfer Fee: For your pre-approved incoming transfer, our transfer fee is $40.00 per firearm. All OUTGOING transfers will be assessed shipping & handling in addition to the transfer fee.
 General Requirements:
  • Fox Shooting Loft requires that your transfer dealer supply us with a signed copy of their FFL. We will also provide a copy of our license to that dealer. The license exchange may take place via  email (libby@foxshootingloft.com). Please have your FFL contact US for details. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE A COPY OF OUR LICENSE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL OR NON-FFL HOLDER.
  • We do not accept transfers from NON-FFL HOLDERS. The transfer MUST come from an FFL holder.
  • A copy of the sales invoice that includes the name of the purchaser must be included on the inside of the package. The package must clearly be labeled “ ATTENTION: TRANSFER”
  • The original purchaser (name on invoice) is the only one that is allowed to claim the firearm. In others words, you may not send some else to claim the transfer firearm.
  • Fox Shooting Loft is not responsible for any damages, loss or theft incurred during shipping. So please make sure that your FFL correctly insures the incoming transfer package before they ship.
  • All federal, state and local laws must be observed.
  • Once the firearm is received we will contact you to come by and fill out required paper work.
  • In order to take possession of the firearm, the purchaser / transferee must successfully complete ATF form 4473 (the back ground check). You will need acceptable government issued picture identification, such as Ohio Driver License.
  • If a transfer recipient is not eligible, the firearm will be returned at the expense of the transferee. And accordingly, the transfer fee then doubles. After a period of 180- days, any unpaid/ unclaimed / abandoned transfer will be sold 

After you have filled out and singed the ATF Form 4473, and while you are here we will contact the appropriate federal agency to get approval to release the firearm(s) to you. They will provide us with on of the three responses:

         Proceed (Proceed with sale)

          Delayed (delay of sale, could take up to 3 business days)

          Denied (sale denied)

One of these responses will be received from the federal agency while you are here.

We hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and will not participate in any unlawful firearms transaction. We will not waive or bend any state or federal laws. If you do not pass the background check, you cannot take possession of the firearm PERIOD. When in doubt as to your ability to posses a firearm contact your local law enforcement agency, ATF, of the FBI. We are under no obligation to return your money if complete the paperwork and were not allowed to posses a firearm. We strongly support the Second Amendment, but we also comply with all ATF and FBI laws, rules and regulations.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your accessory product we will provide a refund with in 10 business days of the purchase.  You must have your ID and the credit card that the item was purchased with, if accessory product was purchased with a credit card.

Item must be unused and in 100% original condition with all labels, papers, and packaging  intact.

Special order items are non returnable.

Firearms, black powder, ammunition, gun powders, and primers are non returnable.

Electronic devices, hearing protectors, Lasers, Scopes, Rangefinders, Lights and other electronic devices and optics must be returned to the manufacture for repair. Please consider your owners manual for warranty information. These products listed are non- returnable to the store, they must go back to the manufacture if there is a problem with them.

Firearms that need repair or are damaged, please consult your owners manual for warranty information.


All layaways require a minimum of 40% down payment; 30% of the total is due in 30 days and the balance is due in 60 days.  Any layaway cancelled or not paid in full after 60 days will be terminated and a restocking fee of 35% will be deducted from the down payment. Only 2 layaways per customer at a time. 

No Refund will be given on any Layaway if the purchaser receives a “Deny” from the ATF NICS system.

Selling or Trading of Used Firearms

We offer the seller 75% of the Blue book of Guns value.
When selling the firearm, please make sure that it clean and in the best condition possible.
We do not buy used scopes or any used optics. If the scope is left on the firearm the value will not reflect the scope.
Blue Book of Gun Values is based on a percentage of condition.

 ***We are currently not taking trades or buying used firearms.***
Senate Bill 199Many of you know that Senate Bill 199 went into effect on March 21, 2017. One of the big changes in the bill was the ability for someone under the age of 21(handguns), or 18(long guns) to purchase a firearm if they were active duty military and had pistol and/or rifle qualifications. This is true for the state of Ohio, but according to federal law you MUST be 18 to purchase a long gun, and 21 to purchase a handgun (no exception)I have spoke with our legal council, as well as, our local ATF agent and I was informed that Federal law will supersede Senate Bill 199. It is illegal for Fox Shooting Loft along with any  other FFL to sell a firearm to someone that is under the required age to posses it.Should you have any questions, about  Senate Bill 199 please email me at