What does it take to buy a gun?

  1. Firearms will only be sold to residents of Ohio.
  2. You must present a valid state-issued picture ID (i.e. driver’s license/identification card).
  3. You must complete the ATF Form 4473 which you will complete on our computer.
  4. We will submit the provided information to the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) for your background check.
  5. Once you are approved, you may take possession of the firearm.

How long does the background check take?

The check can take as little as 10 minutes, but can take as long as  three (3) business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Most background checks  are done by the end of the E-Check session.

What do I do if I am denied during the background check?

What about out-of-state firearm transfers?

  • If you are receiving the firearm, the seller’s FFL will need to send us their license in order to facilitate the transfer.
    • A transfer fee will apply
    • Please allow up to 1 business day from the time the firearm arrives to provide us time to process the firearm in our system
  • If you are selling the firearm, you must provide us the name and contact information of the purchaser, as well as the FFL we will be transferring it to.
    • A transfer fee will apply
    • You must pay for shipping

    What is the Youth Handgun Safety Act?

    Youth Handgun Safety Act