Buyer Guide

New Buyer Guide Checklist for Self Defense Handguns 

     Where will the firearm be used?

  1. Will you be using it in your home?
  2. Will you be traveling with it?

     Your experience with handguns?

  1. Have you ever fired a handgun?

     How the gun feels in your hand?

  1. Make sure the firearm isn’t too big for your hand.
  2. Make sure the firearm isn’t too heavy.
  3. Can you reach all of the appropriate mechanisms such as the safety, magazine release, trigger, & slide stop?

      Size of the gun-

  1. Larger pistols are usually more accurate due to the fit of the hand, their weight and longer sight plane.


  1. How powerful do you want the firearm to be?
  2. Smaller calibers have less recoil and typically less force.
  3. Larger calibers produce more damage per bullet.

      Where will the firearm be carried or stored?

  1. In a closet, a drawer, a purse, a pocket, or on your person?

      What features do you want?

  1. Safety vs No Safety
  2. How many safety features (Trigger, Back Strap, or Manual)
  3. Type of Sights
  4.  Is the firearm ambidextrous for use by left handed user.


  1. Resale – quality vs cost.
  2. Fit and Finish of product.
  3. What accessories come with purchase vs what is available in the after market.

      Purchase support

  1. At Fox Shooting Loft we will not simply sell you a gun, and send you on your way. We want to make certain that you are educated and informed about your purchase. We also strive to make your experience with our professional staff as pleasant as possible!

      Brand Loyalty

  1. Do you prefer a Ruger, Beretta, Glock, etc.