Training Classes Offered

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Classes offered at Fox Shooting Loft

Intro to Handguns: 4-5 hours Classroom only

Interested in firearms but not sure you’re ready for the range? This is a great place for you to start! We’ll spend 4 hours in the classroom discussing safe gun handling, some key differences in various types of handguns, and what you need to consider when purchasing a handgun.


First Steps: 4-5 hours Classroom and Range

Cover the basics, learn safe gun handling, and then hit the range with our experienced handgun instructors to practice the fundamentals. The key to being a competent shooter is laying a solid foundation from the very beginning. Let us help you get started!


Ohio CCW:     10 hours Classroom and Range

We go beyond just getting you “legal”. In our 10 hour CCW class we also explore the mindset, self-defense, and combat training considerations we believe are essential to being a prepared armed citizen.


Legal Refresher – CCW:     2 hours Classroom only

Let’s face it, sometimes we just forget stuff. The Ohio CCW class is chock full of information and while we love to think you’ve absorbed and will retain it ALL, we know that just isn’t reality. If you feel like you need a little refresher over the legal section, or have legal questions that weren’t covered in class, consider joining us for a couple of hours while we cover a legal refresher and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!


Refuse to be a Victim:   5 hours Classroom only

Designed for citizens over the age of 10, this course will help you identify in what areas of your daily routine you and your family is most at-risk of violent attack.


Junior Shooters:     4 hours Classroom and Range

New shooters aged 10-16 will learn safe gun handling and the fundamentals of good marksmanship in this introductory course. Only .22 rifles of appropriate size for the student will be allowed. A parent/guardian must accompany the student on the range at all times.


Defensive Handgun I (DH-I):   6 hours Classroom and Range

If you’re already familiar with your firearm and ready to take the next step, come in for a refresher on the fundamentals of safe, effective shooting. In this class we will also cover holster work and the difference between cover and concealment.

**This class is a prerequisite for the DH-II course**


Defensive Handgun II (DH-II):   8 Hours Classroom and Range

Upon successful completion of DH-I, students taking DH-II will be expected to be proficient in safe and proper firearm handling and will continue to develop accuracy and speed skills by incorporating moving while shooting, engaging moving targets, threat identification, and working under duress.  Each student will be asked to complete a simulated active shooter scenario in which they will be tasked to identify the threat and successfully use cover and accurate shooting ability to complete the course.

** This class  is a  prerequisites for DH-III**


Defensive Handgun III (DH-III):   8 hours Classroom and Range

Upon successful completion of DH-II, students taking DH-III will be expected to be proficient in safe and proper firearm handling, target identification and acquisition, moving while engaging the threat, and working under duress. We will continue to increase skill level in these areas through the use of speed drills, shot placement (marksmanship) tests, and a final scenario requiring the student to use these skills and think quickly to respond to the threat presented.


Course Cancellation Policy

All classes may be rescheduled or refunded up to 48 hours in advance. Within that 48 hours, all classes can be rescheduled for a $25 fee or you will lose the class. If you need to cancel  or reschedule for any reason please call and ask to speak to the Shift Lead on duty.